Remote Support

Please wait for a member of the Helpdesk Team to advise you which program to download.


Windows Apple

  1. Download and install
  2. Wait five minutes or restart computer


Windows Apple Linux

  1. Download and install
  2. Run AnyDesk
  3. Supply the six digit code to us

Waky Now

Visit Website

  1. Download and install
  2. Run Waky Now
  3. Supply the six digit code and password to us


Visit Website

  1. Visit website
  2. Enter the six digit codek
  3. Follow the prompts

Show Me (Experimental)

If you need hands on assistance and have access to a smart phone, we can enabled a live interactive feed between you and us.

  1. Download App or scan QR code below
  2. Install App and allow access to camera and mic
  3. Provide us with the 10 digit code

Ninja Remote Login Page

For customers who want to login to their office based computer

Download Viewer Here

Service & Performance Status

Having issues with your home internet, see if others are too

Internet Speed Test

The only speedtest website we recommend

Helpdesk Knowledge Bases

A selection of articles from our helpdesk KB

Dunedin IT Status Page

If there is big outage, we'll update this page

Remote Working Tests

Outbound TCP

Each of these test will open a seperate browser window or tab. If you get blank page or page can't be found then, you might have issues with remote working tools, VPN etc.


Tests for remote access to your desktop. Splashtop KB


TCP tests for typical client VPN setups and remote desktops.


TCP tests for Dunedin IT Voice Platform. 3CX Ports KB and 3CX Firewall Tool

Outbound UDP

Testing outbound UDP ports requires a downloading and running of a program called Port Listener. Very basic program but if you need more h

  1. Download - Windows Only
  2. Run program, no installation required
  3. Enter Port number and type (UDP or TCP)
  4. Click start



UDP ports that need testing for SonicWall and other VPN Clients to work correctly.

  • 500
  • 4500
  • ESP Protocol 50


Not all UDP ports are required Dunedin IT Voice Platform.

  • 5060 - SIP
  • 5090 - Tunnel
  • 9000 to 10999 - Media RTP Ports

Port Listener

How to use Port Listener to check for open outbound TCP and UDP ports.